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    Comedy, Drama, Romance
    2011 - 100 mn - USA

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Directors : Jonathan Levine

Actors : Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Adam), Seth Rogen (Kyle), Anna Kendrick (Katherine), Bryce Dallas Howard (Rachael), Anjelica Huston (Diane), Serge Houde (Richard - Alzheimer Dad), Andrew Airlie (Dr. Ross), Matt Frewer (Mitch), Philip Baker Hall (Alan), Donna Yamamoto (Dr. Walderson), Sugar Lyn Beard (Susan), Yee Jee Tso (Dr. Lee), Sarah Smyth (Jenny), Peter Kelamis (Phil), Jessica Parker Kennedy (Jackie)

Synopsis :
Adam is a 27 year old writer of radio programs and is diagnosed with a rare form of spinal cancer. With the help of his best friend, his mother, and a young therapist at the cancer center, Adam learns what and who the most important things in his life are.
Written by Calikeane

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IMDb RatingValue: 7.6 based on 316,011 user ratings

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Region : 2

Languages : English
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