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  • A Thief in the Night

    A Thief in the Night

    Drama, Christian
    1972 - 69 mn - USA

Directors : Donald W. Thompson

Actors : Patty Dunning (Patty Myers), Mike Niday (Jim Wright), Colleen Niday (Jenny - as Coleen Niday), Maryann Rachford (Diane Bradford), Thom Rachford (Jerry Bradford - as Tom Rachford), Duane Coller (Duane), Russell S. Doughten Jr. (Reverend Matthew Turner), Clarence Balmer (Pastor Balmer - the good minister)

Synopsis :
The story of Patty, a young woman caught up in living for the present with little concern for the future. She meets and marries a young man and her life seems great, until one moment she awakens to find her husband gone and the radio reporting millions of people have mysteriously disappeared. As dramatic, earth shaking events begin to unfold around her, Patty realizes she is living in the end times spoken of in biblical prophecy. Adventure and suspense build to a though-provoking climax in this powerfully gripping film.

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IMDb RatingValue: 4.8 based on 705 user ratings

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Region : 2

Languages : English
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